about alex benson


The internet has always been my classroom, and this is where I've found my greatest inspiration.


Dribbble is the best place to be exposed to new trends and different ways of approaching a problem, despite the hate it gets.


"Good writers borrow, great writers steal outright." It doesn't hurt to keep an eye on the best of the best.


For when you need to broaden your scope. Dribbble is great for UX/UI, animation, and web, but if you want to draw inspiration from a wider set of sources, Adobe's Behance is my first stop.

Material Design

A comprehensive guideline to web and app design based around real world physics and practical user experience, laid out in stupidly simple terms. They have documentation for design and tools for theme editing and accessibility calculators.

Atomic Design

A compelling walkthrough of thinking about grouping elements in product and UI design by Brad Frost.


The internet's mood board, there's a wide range of design inspiration not easily found anywhere else.

The HustleCast

Podcast from an edgy product design studio in Austin.


A splash of inspiration every time you open a new tab.