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Videographers that create compelling stories and share their experiences and knowledge.

Mr Ben Brown

Inspiring and relentless South African filmmaker, doesn't vlog as much as he used to but still a great way to spend 10 minutes while your video exports.

Casey Neistat

The man who needs no introduction. I get a lot of inspiration watching his daily grind and watching his new endeavors.

Sara Dietschy

Adobe Creative Resident turned NYC filmmaker, she has several youtube shows she runs herself. And she shoots on a Sony.

Peter Mckinnon

Canadian photographer and videographer with an upbeat style to his videos. Its been amazing to watch a channel go from a few thousand subs to a million. Plus, he tapes a GoPro to his foot.

Christian Mate Grab

A lesser known youtuber from Europe. The grading and editing style he uses in his videos are the stuff dreams are made of. Well, mine anyways.