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Stay hungry. Those words still stick with me as I carry on in my career. Good steady work is a great thing to have, but it's important not to get stale or complacent. My mind is always working, so I put it to good use with the projects you see below. Each one highlights a passion that I took and made my own.

Midwestern Originals

What's a designer to do when they just want to work on cool projects? Start a freelance company of course. And thats exactly what I did in the summer of 2015. Partnering with a developer friend, we've worked on some amazing projects over the years in our spare time.

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KC Cocktail Club

Bartending and working a day job don't usually go hand in hand, so when I started missing my old college gig, I decided to turn that into an event that has grown into a bi-monthly tour around the city.

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YouTube is great, but its watch later functionality is severely lacking. I'm currently working on a web app that could bring in your watch later videos, and sort them into a digestible interface with functionality like watching all videos from a channel.

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The all in one tool for videographers, directors, and producers. Plan your shoot and script – from basic YouTube clips to full scale productions.

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