case study


Challenged to take my portfolio to the next level, I embarked on a side project in the weeks leading up to my graduation. This is what I designed.

Redesigning a symbol

Boredom sometimes leads to great work.

It was my last quarter in school before graduation and I was going through the motions. I had already gotten a job as a product designer, and knew that was what I wanted to do with my career. I had already learned a lot through my first time in art school and through self teaching that these last few quarters had become just a way for me to finally get that piece of paper.

The two classes I was enrolled in that last quarter were Intro to Web Design and Portfolio. Intro to Web Design was just a way for me to earn an extra curricular credit, and I figured I'd breeze through it. It was the only web design class that was offered was teaching slicing and instead of taking the whole quarter to build the provided designs like the teacher was suggesting, I took the assets and in the space of the class built the whole site in CodePen. The teacher and I were friends at this point, so instead of reprimanding me in front of the class for not following instructions she pulled me out of class and asked what I wanted to do. It was my final quarter and if I could pitch a personalized curriculum for myself that accomplished the goals of the class, I was free to work on my own.

I chose to work on a custom built portfolio site for graduation and portfolio day.

At the same time, Portfolio class was proving not up to the task of challenging me from a creative perspective. We were tasked with gathering all of our old designs from school and assembling them into a portfolio. We had mock interviews and everything. So in my boredom I resolved that I wanted to go a little further, really push the portfolio to greatness.

The Idea

I had seen currency redesigns online at the time, and was really intrigued by the problems needed to be solved to do it well. There was anti-counterfeiting measures, accessibility needs, and the need to highlight a nation’s heritage. I looked forward to tackling these issues and ran into it full steam ahead.

The Anti Counterfeiting Measures

Accessibility needed to be balanced with design aesthetic

Highlighting Heritage

Further Ideas

I did the full set but I planned on and started working on a full redesign of the US Government right out of school. Ambitious, I know. While I did make some progress, those files still sit in my folder of abandoned and hopefully soon to be reclaimed projects that I started in earnest, but dropped when life got busy.