case study


Nutrilyze is taking the problem of finding healthy meals on the go and putting a number on it. By taking in key information about you from height and weight to analyzing your gut and DNA, they can help you find food that isn't just healthy, but healthy for you. Through two engagements, I've worked with them to establish their identity online to sell their app to their target market, and am currently working on designs for their fully-functional app.

The Problem

The project for the first engagement was to design, build, and launch a full scale marketing site for their product within 4 weeks. They had a conference they were attending and were desperately in need of an overhaul. They needed pages covering a wide range of topics they hadn't yet unpacked themselves, and did not have copy for. We proposed to them that to accomplish this we would need to work quickly and efficiently. We focused on getting designs approved early, and built on those approved design elements to move onto other pages. We also were careful to design within the development constraint, knowing that the site needed to be live by the end of the month.

Moving Fast, Breaking Nothing

Designing and building a full site in a month isn't necessarily a hard thing to do. But I was doing it on the side, a few hours a week, and with other side projects going on simultaneously. Instead of plunging into the project headlong, I worked efficiently, tackling pages and sections in groups. Work smart, not hard as my grandma used to say. As pages got approved, we moved onto development in a phased fashion, working on pages approved while wrapping up design on ones that needed revisions.

Through Webflow's quick publishing feature we were able to make changes on the fly and with the custom embeds were even able to introduce some custom code into the site for some added functionality. We accomplished design over the course of two weeks, and development took up roughly 10 hours of time. By the weekend before the conference, we handed the site over and launched it. Though some content needed to be added, we were able to assist them in hiding elements that were not ready yet, while allowing them to have their site up and live for the conference.